Transforming: From Old to New

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, I decided to take on a project of refinishing a dresser. I spent the weekend working away, although I have to say it was not nearly as difficult as I expected.

The dresser I used was being thrown out, so I quickly claimed it and started to research refinishing techniques. A trip to Home Depot, some sanding and painting, and voilà, it was like new again. I switched out the knobs and added some drawer liners for an extra touch, but other than that, the magic was in the stain. This stain used was more like a paint; it didn’t need to be wiped off and the satin finish was already mixed in, making for ease of use.

It was a great weekend project and satisfied my craving for creativity, not to mention the added bonus of the end result—a new piece of furniture to add to my home collection. –Hailey