The T-Shirt Turns 100


What does everyone have at least one of, which many take for granted although they don’t want to throw away? That’s right, the basic t-shirt. This year marks the 100th birthday of the t-shirt. Many variations have come about since 1913, yet the t-shirt is still loved just as much as it was 10 decades ago. 

Why are we so attached to those things we pull over our heads and don’t think twice about? An article by Forbes has an interesting take on it. “Psychologist Jennifer Baumgarter explains, ‘the T-shirt speaks to us on so many levels. It’s utilitarian, it’s affordable, it’s customizable, it’s not gender specific, it’s not season specific, it’s not even functionally specific.'” So when you walk out the door wearing that 10-year-old concert t-shirt, or the one you couldn’t pass up on your last trip to the mall, remember they’ve all been going strong for 100 years!

Here’s to a world full of t-shirts representing everything from great memories to ever-changing fashion. –Hailey