La Sagrada Familia: Much More Than a Work of Art


On a trip to Spain this August, I knew that I wanted to visit La Sagrada Familia. I spent hours looking at photos and reading about it before I arrived, and let me just say, after visiting, photos do no justice. It was absolutely amazing and definitely one of the highlights of my trip.

La Sagrada Familia is a breathtaking cathedral in Barcelona, built by Antoni Gaudí. I spent a few hours looking at all of the amazing details—the sculptures built into the walls, the stain glass that fills the interior with color, the granite pillars that reach high above, and the panoramic views of the city seen from the towers. The amount of information and detail was a bit overwhelming, but given the opportunity, I could easily explore Gaudí’s masterpiece of Barcelona on a daily basis. I am lucky to have been there once, and if at all possible I will be returning for a second visit, hopefully sooner rather than later. –Hailey