Never judge a logo by its cover

Graphic designers do not take logo creation lightly. There is always a reason for everything. Colors, symbolism, the emotional feel of a font…and the careful placement of shapes. This article gets to the heart of a few famous logos, further explaining the importance of a well-strategized logo (and pointing out some clever details you may have never consciously seen!): 13 Famous Company Logos with Hidden Messages

Juniper and Ivy

Juniper & Ivy

To celebrate the holidays, our team recently convened after work at the relatively new restaurant Juniper and Ivy, in nearby Little Italy. It was a fun maiden voyage for all of us to take together. We tried some apps, surprising entrees, some delicious and unique cocktails, and decadent desserts. It was a great evening with fantastic ambiance, friendly staff, yummy eats and of course great company! We all highly recommend this restaurant if you’re looking for an upscale (but comfortable) meal out in this up-and-coming part of San Diego.

San Diego's 2014 Year in Arts


Aside from a rather sour review of some things, this article by the UT is an interesting recap of 2014’s highs and lows in San Diego’s arts community. National pop stars aside, it’s a great look into the local goings-on in our relatively robust art scene. Here’s to an artistic new year, San Diego!

Introducing… Jonathan!


We are so happy to announce (and introduce) the newest member of Team via!
Please join us in welcoming Jonathan, who is already providing
lots of laughs, fabulous design, and fresh new ideas to our office.


A new landscape for via!

via has changed their landscape, the office has gone drought resistant.
Pulled up the grass and added rocks and water wise plants and et volia,
a new look for the office!

photo 3


Caesars Entertainment Corporate Citizenship Report

We are happy to announce that we just wrapped up the production of the 2013 . Titled “Serious Play”, the report “communicates the company’s impact in 2013 and also shares more recent stories that demonstrate corporate citizenship in action, reflecting on the accomplishments and opportunities of the past year.”

This is our fifth report that we have produced for Caesars Entertainment.
CE-2013 CCR Cover--

Dog or Cat Person?

At viadesign, we love pets and have always had this ongoing cat vs. dog type of debate (if you can call it that). They are two animals that many people love and keep in their homes, but they’re so distinctly different. When we came upon this very creative Youtube video, it captured the subject so well and gave us all such a good laugh, we thought we would share the wealth. Enjoy!  – Jen