Across-the-Border Happenings


If you are curious about your so close—and so different—neighbor city Tijuana, you need to check out some of the events that are going on this month. The first is happening this weekend starting today through Sunday the 14th. It is the Baja California Culinary Fest 2012! This event will delight you with the unique flavors of the Baja California cuisine that are gaining importance not only in Mexico, but internationally. Chefs from all over are also invited to join. If you’re crazy about food like me, you really have to check it out (

The second event is Tijuana Innovadora 2012. It starts today and ends on Oct. 21, and it’s located in the already famous Tijuana Cultural Center. Tijuana Innovadora is a conference created to share the story of the city that consists of migrants from across Mexico and other countries that settle in the Tijuana region in search of a new and better life. Their spirit of innovation helped the city position itself as an international center of technology and culture. Leading thinkers present their views on the future and the many opportunities both in technology and culture. It is also a great way to get to know what Tijuana and its residents are really like, aside from all the negative views. It will fascinate you!! ( – Arcelia